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  1. as this is the most recent thread, i'll post it right here. after re-entering the game i've noticed there are only 3 pple online on a friday 3pm GMT. Can I assume that the playerbase has dropped significantly or is it because i have an old client version? As I can see patches are still being released quite often and recently there surely should be more online than just 3 close to a weekend.
  2. patience is a virtue that will be rewarded. Seeing as a new patch took about a small month there is defenitly a lot of work put in from everyone working on this game. Big thank you and shoutout to the people who are putting a lot of work, effort, dedication and love into this game. Truely a great feet on how big this update is. Close to every major bug being reported is being taken care off imediately while still adding new content into the game, this kind of approach can only mean a bright future ahead for DBOUR. Sincerely, Jon
  3. Right now both channels have been taken down and the option to donate for cash shop points, as well as no real activity going on. Am I right to asume that there is something amiss or is this just a minor temporarely inconvenience?
  4. I had to run the launcher while having windows defender open, seems to be 3 files seperately that are being blocked and then had to allow defender to run it. I can enter the game now but for some reason my fps is just really low. Before this update I had around 80-100 fps and now I keep on getting 20-30 fps even running on low detail and getting 1-2 fps when i equip or deconstruct anything. So the issue of the patching and being able to run the game is kinda fixed but the fps problem is just obnoxiously timeconsuming as I don't know what's the cause of it.
  5. That's what I've done, allowing the app in antivirus even taking down antivirus still doesn't change a thing for me; I've tried to shut down everything before opening the launcher now (antivirus, firewall, account and app defender) and I still get the same issue.
  6. gojonoku

    patching failed

    Issue: Patching the game does not work, it'll always say patching has failed when trying to run the launcher. I have re-installed the game completely from scratch by removing all files of the old version and downloaded the game from the site itself twice. It just doesn't work for me and I don't know why. I have done all the suggested steps to do on the topic of dumke to remove the possiblity of having an error and nothing changed.
  7. well, I've reinstalled the game and now it keeps on saying patching failed. Tried a few times, added all of the items to exception list, tried later on running it on the prefered game engine according to the locked thread from dumke and it keeps on being the same outcome.
  8. gojonoku

    launcher problems

    Issue: Game doesn't launch, there is no screen coming up. When: Clicking on launch in the launcher after filling in my account information and when the patching has been done.
  9. You can find the information from retail DBO here
  10. first one close to the start of RP HQ Second one behind the doors where you need to use the dynamite on Third one behind the door where you need to use slippery oil on Fourth one behind the door that is opened by using the lever. Bascicly have to always complete the quests of the previous murasaki in order to get to the next one.
  11. if you finish all the quests given from the first and second murasaki you'll get another item called slippery oil from the second murasaki. With this slippery oil you can open that door. The final door can be opened by cranking the lever found at the southwest area with the combat robot.
  12. gojonoku

    Login Probleme

    I've gotten the same thing when trying to get into the game. Strange thing is when I check the user control panel and use the exact same password and username it works. Fix: uncheck remember me and restart the launcher
  13. STR: Increases Physical Damage DEX: Physical damage/critical hit chance/dodge CON: LP and LP regen ENG: EP and EP regen FOC: Hit rate and energy crit SOL: Energy damage Strength just increases physical attack a lot more than dex. I'm not sure about the exact rates on DBOUR as they can be changed from the original DBO. There are some hidden passives such as defense rate, block rate, status resistance, status succes and guard (passive): Defense rate: Defence rate reduces the damage taken from auto attacks by 50%. The higher the defence rate, the higher the chance of reducing damage (no guard needed). Block rate: Block rate only applies when using the passive skill guard. The higher your block rate is, the higher the chance is of blocking incomming attacks (reducing the damage to 0) and blocking knockdowns. Satus resistance: Status resistance ignores the effects of debuffs. The higher your status resistance is, the higher the chance is of resisting debuffs. Status success: Status success makes the chance of landing a debuff on your opponent higher. The higher your status success, the higher the chance that a debuff will apply succesfully onto your opponent. Guard (passive): Guard allows you to guard yourself from incomming attacks and knockdown. The more skill points put into the passive, the higher the chance is that skills, autoattacks and knockdown will be blocked. Attack/defence properties: Attack properties will deter your damage done to your opponent and defence properties will deter your damage taken from your opponent. The properties of attack is determined by the property on your gloves and defence is determined by the property on your jacket.
  14. gojonoku


    Greetings, When noticing that DBOUR was open beta from various sources and that there is a way to support the creators via patreon some questions came up to my mind as I am not familiar with this. The questions are as follows; Is there a certain restriction to only being able to donate the set amount at the patreon link page (1-100$) or can this be altered? Is it possible to donate more than the limit shows (100 dollars)? Is there a possiblity to only pay a certain amount of money one time only and not per month and still get a reward in game? If the possibility exists to only donate once and not per month, will you still be able to get the set rewards in game and will those rewards stay in game even when a month has passed after the donation date (eg. NPC with your name on it or accound bound rewards)? Thank you for your attention and time Kind regards Jon P.S. I personally feel that there is a lot of love and thought put into this project and that the developers are not being affraid to put new subject into the game (eg. taking elements from DBGT and DBS or even mentioning about creating a new race or class). This can only be done of course if given the right resources and time to develop such complex and unexplored territory. I sincerely thank the staff for putting breathing in a new life and wish all of them luck on the path ahead.