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    Character name: FatMan Race: Majin Karma Zenni: 250 millions Level 75 + all htbs + all dragonbuffs + Buu transformation Bacterian p-gloves (energy based) att speed 26% + 16 upgraded Bacterian Mask att speed 26% no upgrade Omega Rare Top 28 focus +16 upgraded Omega Rare Pants 28 Focus +17 upgraded Omega Rare Boots 28 Con + 16 upgraded Cell-Earrings cooldown reduction 26 x2 Cell-X Rings con 20 x2 Kraken Rings Focus 17 x2 Kraken necklace status success 250 I think z32 x4 Dogis Turtle Outfit (Like Gokus Gi but for Majins exlusive) Master Roshis Sunglasses (original)+(green)+(purple) Future Trunks Dogi (with blue jacket like DBS) Trunks ( Bojack movie with Vest) Trunks (Bojack movie Vestless) Turtle Shell (Black one) Great Saiyaman Dogi Great Saiyaman Helmet Great Saiyan Black Undershirt only x2 Red patch-eye x3 Devil Horns Kame Hat x2 Gale wings x2 Piece and Love Halo Mummy's hat Mummy's Dogi 30 silver boxes 30 rare dogi balls