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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// IGN: ZSwordProPlus Race: Human-SM Lv: 75 Zeni: 120kk Crafting Lv: Max Title: Universe Luckiest S-Wish: All D-Buffs, HTB's and SSJ Stuff: Dogi-Broly Undershirt, Devil Mask-from Halloween Event, Angel Wing (Black), Green Halo, 4th Turtle NPC Quest item-Turtle, 4 z24. Accessories: All Kraken items-Necklace resistance rate by 124, 2nd stat idr | Prop Earring attck. and def. by 11 , CD 26 | Dex ring set. Gear: All crafted Rare Armor-Top Dex 27 +16, Pants Strength 27+15, Boots Dex 27+16 | Legendary Weapons P-Base Spd. Gloves 25%+15, Spd. Sword Blade Root 26%+16 https://imgur.com/a/Yh8BUjL IGN: Uyl Race: MM-Ulti Lv: 75 S-Wish: HTB's and PM Gear: All Shenron Armor/Weapon set, E-Base armor set, P-Base glove and Trumpet-Default stats. https://imgur.com/ZefGpp2 IGN: Pyl Race: WM-Plasma Lv: 75 S-Wish: All D-Buffs, HTB's and PM Gear: All Shenron Armor (+11-12's), P-Base set. | Legendary Weapons E-Base Energy Critical Hit Rate 13 Gloves +15, Energy Critical Damage 33% Drum +15 (No Pic) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////