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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Allbion proof of ownership: (sadly i don't have proof of everything i had, but some people can validate and confirm some of my stuff, i'll specify them in the end) Race: Human Level: 62 + SSJ + Dragon king's CON + Dragon king's Dex + Dragon king's Str Zeni: roughly 7.5-8.5kk (Most of it was given to me by EraserX) What i'd like to recover: WMAT Solo champion title (gained it by winning in the custom world championship Gabar did), 1x Great Saiyaman outifit (+10%con) and helmet (Was given to me as a gift), 1x GT goku's outfit (Traded with yatori), 1x Saiyan Tail (Dogi caps), 1x Alohan outfit (in the pic it's modded as the badman shirt), 1x future trunks shirt (Sleeveless, Trade with Ryujin), 1x Future gohan dogi (Dogi caps), 1x Sab goku, Sab Vegeta dogi, Broly dogi(Event), 1x Gogeta rgb dogi (Dogi caps), 1x Xeno goku dogi (Given to me by nemix), 1x Halo (Dogi caps), 1x Goku's casual Jacket (Cash shop), 1X sunglasses (Token shop), 1x goku's Gi (Token shop), general red and blue ninja outfit from the tenkaichi winner shop, Zamasu dogi (Token shop), 2x 20 slots golden inventory things (One from an event, the other i can't remember where i got it from. probably another event), 17x Senzu beans( Events and budokai), 2x Dogi balls (Event) Bought bank 1 and bank 2, also guild bank. my gear (That i can remember): snail scouter with item scan and dragon radar (Bought for me by EraserX) Full panther stick +9 (Yatori gave it to me as a gift) Level 60 crafted gear, all of them where +9 (Yatori gave me those as well) Barkattz, Kirian, Yatori, EraserX, Kumapunch and Ryujin can confirm these for me. i also owned a guild, "NewHope" we had unlocked the guild bank and banner. Ps: altough i have no proof of my level, the fact i had pics with Ssj unlocked and the number of Rp balls i had should at least count for something Thanks for providing this for us and hope everything goes nice for you guys!! ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////