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  1. Hola, hace mucho no juego y me entraron ganas de regresar, pero llevo mucho tiempo desconectado del juego y me gustaria saber cual es su estado actual. Hace poco mas de un año que dejé de jugarlo asi que ando un poco desactualizado sobre como ha estado evolucionando. Si alguien caritativo que me haga un resumen con lo mas importante sobre novedades, les agradeceria
  2. I bought a KidClock just so that my character would not be seen with afro. Will you return custom hair styles ?? Is there a way to change my hair style? By the way, I would like you to take into account all the people who bought cash to turn your character into a child only just for hairstyle (like me, clearly). Good job correcting so many bugs
  3. Do you know where Ican look at the new stats
  4. Okay. I will trust that these files are not malicious. Thanks for the reply
  5. Twice Windows Defender removes the client from the game by Trojans. I leave capture of the files that the client installs in the Win32 folder. I hope youfix this soon. One of the files is called Occamy (Trojan) and the other is Wacatac.B! Ml (Trojan)
  6. Transmogrification!!!!. What I was always asking for in a certain server that died and where they always replied that this was not possible. Great the UR team. Don't lose momentum. that makes me want to donate
  7. Ok. I was not aware of that. I appreciate the answer
  8. I have made a donation. I would like to know when I will receive my UR Points. I already used the refresh button in the store and I still have 0 cash. It would also be good if they put a section to send tickets and not have to do these public things
  9. I would like to know if you will put the new hair styles on adults, since when I grew up my character was left with an afro and when I created him I put the hair of ssj4
  10. Are you going to correct the hairstyle bug when the character grows up?