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    Experiencing same issue. I can view my character but when I pick a channel, I get this message then the app closes to desktop. A server status indicator on the forum's start page would be very useful!
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    Q: What happened? A: Trying to log in, I get an error ("Unknown Faliure reason please contact DBOUR team") Q: For log purpose, when it happened? A: 1741 PM Swedish time (GMT +1) Q: How the bug happened? A: When loggin in using client Q: How we can reproduce? A: Try to log in. Since others seem to be able to log in without an issue there must be something about my account. Q: Please, post a print or at last a video for we check and reproduce the error to fix it ASAP A: To finish this report, attatch the dbolog.txt which is located at your root installation File not present (probably since I haven't logged in successfully) Additional info: I'm a Pisces.