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  1. drewblesdabatorium

    have my spiritualist at lvl 48, but then i made a martial artists to check the skills and differences, i noticed they have SS blue available. is this a recent update and will it only be a skill used by martial artists? kaioken is in the same spot for spiritualists.
  2. drewblesdabatorium

    Is it possible to learn master class skills in current build/ choose the mastery you want ex: crane or turtle skills????
  3. drewblesdabatorium

    Are the servers down or being worked on right now?? my old character from a couple weeks ago was wiped and upon making a new character and trying to join a server i get "failed to connect to game server" and the program insta closes.
  4. drewblesdabatorium

    I have received the same for the past 3 days, the servers must be down for awhile, haven't even been able to log in to create a character.