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  1. yeah, I told him to open the launcher and log in.
  2. tenes que abrir el launcher del juego y se baja solo despues de logearte. He was asking where he can download the patch.
  3. YamiGoku


    Is there a way to silence the launcher music? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it takes me a while some times to update with the internet I have and having the music all that time is annoying. Edit: I found a way.
  4. Didnt work, same error Edit: Made it work, thanks for the help!
  5. Universe Rebelations Launcher stoped working. https://imgur.com/a/EpMtvDZ
  6. I would prefer SSB because I think it would feel more of a diferent transformation, yeah I know Its just a recolor, but I feel SSJ2 is going to end up Looking like ssj1 but with sparking effects? SSJ2 is more Iconic, and I won't mind following the correct order, I just feel that SSJB is easier to make it feel like something new and shining, but if you can make SSJ2 different enough of a transformation, then yeah I won't mind .
  7. I get this error when I press launch, I saw another topic with a similar problem but the solution didnt work, I have W7 Ultimate.
  8. Transformations are one of the big reasons dragon ball as a franchise is so popular, and this game only saving grace is its dragon ball theme I dont want to be a downer but, as a game DBO was boring and tedious, the only reason it "lasted" was because it was a dragon ball game, and even that couldn't save it. I have faith on the Team, i know they can bring the game back and make new content, I just hope they go for a "lets do something Fun" route reather than the "lets not do anything that can remotly contradict the sacred dbo story".
  9. Excuse my poor english, but... Do you seriously believe that if the Official DBO had never been closed and was still a success to this day, we wouldn't have like 3 more transformations for each race by now? and even if for some miracle that wasn't the case, as soon as the new movies and DBS gained popularity you can bet they would implement the DBS lore and more transformations to capitalise on the franchise renasant, the "Story" and "Just Humans" wouldn't mean jack when the money called. as for logic, i don't understand why you wouldn't be able to turn ssj2, ssj2 is just a more powerful version of ssj, if you can go ssj1 and you get stronger you should by able to turn ssj2, ssj3 is another story, and for the gods forms you just need god ki, is not a mather of blood or anything, if you can turn ssj1 and you learned god ki you should be able to turn into blue and god.