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  1. Legend

    It would be great if you could fix the bugs in the character creation with hairstyles.
  2. Legend

    Thanks the thread here is enough for me too
  3. Legend

    How is that supposed to work with the country settings?
  4. Legend

    Yes I can understand that
  5. Legend

    Hi I wanted to ask if there will be new items in the token shop? e.g. the flying motorcycle or the flying car? Capsules where Dogis can come out and much more there are certainly many possibilities. Is there anything known whether new items will follow? Does every char get its own token or does it run through an account?
  6. Legend

    I've also noticed that the Namek breed lacks a few hairstyles
  7. Legend

    Is this ad in there permanently?
  8. Legend

    Why are you kicked or banned if you ask GM a question about the cash shop how to get the items? Not everyone uses the forum or many don't know?
  9. Legend

    Hallo, Gibt es denn derzeit aktive Gilden in DBOUR die aktiv spielen und auch TMQs & UDs machen?