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Guest atidote

Client & Server Patch Notes: 16/01/2019

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Guest atidote

Hello community !


We just release the server update, the V2 is not complete yet, we are running over several headache with skill¬†ūü§Į


Here is the patch :

  • Several client crash fixed.
  • Repair system
  • Respawn fix (staying dead state even after clicking respawn)
  • Party sharing zeni text
  • Swap item between different bag
  • Attributes logic to get it ready for skills / item (debuff / buff)
  • Freebattle V1 (pvp)
  • Trading incomplete
  • Cooldown and buff save on database an reload at login
  • Skill casting animation
  • Mob move
  • Better Mob AI
  • Kokarra BUS (incomplete)
  • Several server performance improvement
  • Item use (only food atm is mostly handled)
  • Aggro


Critical known issue:

  • Swimming can make you stuck
  • First login you can't move till you click
  • Mob respawn time

Please refer to to get all current known bug.



Skills are not working as they should, we only manage it to deal damage +- correct, do not open Bug issue containing skill bug complain.


Thanks for all your support much love ‚̧ԳŹ

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