very comfortable with the server

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First of all greet you, I am a former player of tw sv2 and from the global alpha that did not play any version of dbo, the truth is that I arrived about 1 week ago on this server, it is true that it has many bugs, more than those I would like to, but it has a big difference with the rest that I have seen and that is ambition, ambition to implement new things and give a new experience to the player, it is easy to take the damage files and make functional what he already had or we knew as dbo , but here they have gone a step further and I think that it is valued, so also see activity of the dev / gm / leaders etc, yesterday the event in korin was very entertaining, I wish you the best for the future and we hope that things continue for your good direction, congratulations boys!

the photo is from yesterday during the event!




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