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  1. Are you really trying to say that the reason the private server had less players than the official server is because of multi clienting? The reason they had more players was because it was the official game. Not a cheap knock off. DBOG was swarming with botters because Daneos didn't care about anything except for $$$. Allowing multi clienting makes it a little easier for people to bot but if those botters get banned there is no real problem. Not allowing multi clienting won't stop the botters. Saying the community was more friendly is a joke. The dbo community has always been pretty toxic. Retail/dbor/dbog. All the same. "that failed dbo project" didn't fail because of multi clienting and you know that. It failed because it was ran by a piece of shit that cared more about money than making a decent game.
  2. There's nothing wrong with multi clienting. If the devs think not allowing multi clienting will stop the chinese botters all I can do is laugh. Legit players shouldn't be punished because of cheaters.