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    Hi @B4D4SS. I'm sad to see that you seem to take this whole discussion as a battle between me and you; my ideas and yours. It's not, at least not on my end anyway <- By the way, the usage of any smiley/s that I do, are simply that: smileys. Any deeper meaning of them, such as celebratory indications or so, are non-existent. There always is a sender and a receiver in any conversation. I'm a very friendly, positive, humble and democratic person, so if you thoroughly and objectively read through all that I have written so far, I am sure that you also will see it that way. I was unsure whether or not to go through all of your points one by one, or simply comment in one phrase. I decided for the latter, seeing as you tend to twist the things I am writing, and generally come across as not being able to take constructive critique and disagreements. I will say, however, that some of your ideas and things that you wrote, I agree with, and some I don't. The same goes the other way around, and indeed, in all conversations that you, myself or others are a part of. That is the whole idea and point of a discussion, as I have written multiple times now. I will refrain from linking the official meaning of the word, as I know it will come out as being provocative, of which I never intend with anything I write or say, ever. You know the meaning of the word, I am sure The only point I will directly address is #6. That's quite rude and uncalled for. You also have deeply flawed reasonings for certain suggestions of yours, but I wouldn't ever delve down to such a low niveau myself, to insult or disclaim your ability to even balance skills, like you did there. That is the whole point of suggestions being slung out there for debate, but anyway, old water under the bridge now. The last thing on this whole misunderstanding part I will say is, that I will strongly advise for you to change your attitude, especially considering that you are also a moderator, of whose roles -- amongst other things I'm sure -- is to provide a generally stable, friendly and helpful environment in the community, as well as oversee that the forum users follow the rules. This is meant as nothing but a friendly advice from someone with more (and years longer) life experience than yourself. Many of the things that you have written thus far -- not only here, but in other threads as well -- are quite belittling, insulting and provocative, and would fall under the category of being flaming, as you yourself asked people to refrain from. Now, if I, others or yourself, naturally, wants to post anything, then by all means, I / you / we are free to do so. I have every right to post my own suggestions and comment on others' as well, whether I agree or disagree with them. That is a right we all have, and I intend to make use of that when I see fit. EDIT: Just learned today that you've been talking behind my back on Discord, which I find quite disrespectful. It's not very polite nor MOD'ish either. But that is a conversation for a private matter. You can PM if you want to talk about this, as I am very open to an apology, and won't hold any grudges. This has gone off-topic enough, which isn't the intention of this thread at all, seeing as this is a discussions thread about the Dark Warrior and balancing that class after all, and nothing else. __________________________This is the line in the sand that I think shall be drawn now, and if you can't agree to that, then I simply think we shall agree to disagree, and move on Great to hear the answer from both of you, regarding Hellzone from back in KR DBO! That would be absolutely fantastic, to have that hidden property added back on the skill here on dborev_universe. I also see it as making a lot of sense, based on the usage and effect it has in the Anime show. I agree about the build. It just doesn't seem right to me either. Personally, I wouldn't put more than the required 1 skill in either of the two taunts (to reach the better skills). I would definitely max out Dragon's Punishment and Demon Wave too, especially considering that Demon Wave is a great skill on DBOG now! But it still depends on what the main aspect of the game this build is aimed at. I see it as being sort of a failed attempt at a build that would work in every single aspect of the game
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    I obviously don't have any insight knowledge nor info on this project, as I am not a part of the team or anything whatsoever, but based on the fact that attack speed was a major, if not the sole reason that many classes got left out in PvE especially, but also ending up becoming too broken in PvP; and thus all aspects of the game got pretty much ruled by attack speed parties, of which only a select few classes could really shine at, and therefore only the same few classes got chosen for stuff most of the time. This happened in all versions of the game, as I'm sure you know -- KR, TW, HK and DBOG. To change, scrap or leave the attack speed aspect of the game to however you guys in the team see fit, is entirely up to all of you in the team, of course. I'm simply hoping, that it will be either scrapped or nerfed so hard, that it isn't really the go-to choice no more, but still could useful in some situations. With that wishful thinking, I still like the idea Dohko had, for a buff that boosts the DW's offensive capabilities over a duration. It wasn't my intention to do anything but assume that you was/are against it, as you wrote yourself (assume). Based on your disagreement posts, I interpreted it as, that you were against the whole idea of DW's to get better CC at all, which would be totally fine, because that is the whole idea of discussions in any shape and form I must admit, that I did not think about 5v5 PvP too much with my AoE CC idea, and yeah, indeed all aspects of the game should be considered of course, although that is quite hard to pull off with most skills, seeing as there is a truly useful situation for most skills, and situations where they aren't that needed, which adds to the balancing factor. But, be that narrow-sighted as it may have come across as being, to me, your main reasons for disagreement was, that it would break 5v5 PvP alone. Isn't that also narrow-sighted? Anyway, I did not post the suggestion with no cast time added. I also did not suggest it with a cast time added, so that is sort of an unfair assumption on your part here, hehe. Giving it a rather long cast time (like that of the Special Beam Cannon), and it would obviously need the RP ball to utilize the KD effect anyway, and then otherwise work as Cyclone does now, where the AoE is based around your character, would in my view, make it a viable PvE and PvP skill, but not make it overpowered, as it could still be countered, or the opposing player/s would be able to simply dash away from it, if not otherwise incapacitated. Bear in mind, while I fully agree that both Whirlwind and Cyclone should both have their AoE range increased, I never once suggested any ideas of how big of an AoE area that should be, so the suggestions of 15M you mentioned, was not mine Guys, can you clarify something for me? I have this vivid memory, that back in the old KR days, that the Hellzone Grenade skill was undodgeable. Is that a wishful memory illusion that I have, or was that how the skill was? I remember that I always thought of it as a sure-way to kill humans, hehe. I honestly forgot if it ever was / or still is a hit/miss or success/resist skill. But that is something I think would be cool, to have that skill be (or stay) an undodgeable skill. How do you all find the passive Soul buff? Anything you would change, or so? A simple buff, rework or complete overhaul of the skill?
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    Definitely agreed! I mean, this wouldn't be copying DBOG or anything, when it's basically just buffing and adjusting the retail (KR) version of Demon Wave, right? Right, hehe. But I mean, it was your idea with an activated ability that temporarily gives you higher energy and physical attack points, and I think that would be a great buff skill for the DW! All I meant is just, that I don't personally like the Disastrous Blow ability, nor the change that B4D4SS suggested (due to personal hate of attack speed), but your idea about an offensive buff would be a great candidate to replace either Disastrous Blow or Dragon's Pledge, in my opinion.
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    It's great to see so many different takes on various skills and such! As I see it, it seems that Dohko, kaiboss and myself, is in the department where we all feel that the Dark Warrior needs more CC utilities in their kit, opposed to B4D4SS and Srdjan, who is more towards skills and so, that makes the DW actually able to hit and land the skills. That's the great thing about friendly discussions in general. It's a ping-pong of ideas thrown back and forth, which I like Personally, I really don't like the attack speed factor in DBO as a whole. I really hope (and quite honestly expect) that the attack speed stat on items will become completely scrapped, or a hardcap to be set on AS as a stat so low, that it just simply isn't worth to even use it. And yes, skills like the Fighter's Thunder should be able go over this cap, but AS on items shouldn't, and neither should AS buffs from other classes, as well as Kaioken and so on. But that is a topic for a whole other discussion, hehe.. For Disastrous Blow, I really like the idea Dohko has, with an on-duration (activated) ability, that buffs both energy and physical offensive capabilities on a CD. I'm not the type to pick apart any and all suggestions that I don't necessarily agree with, and I simply only mean to politely comment on likes and dislikes I have on various suggestions in this thread. I fully agree that the DW needs better hit rate! I just don't agree on the way to go about this. I do really like your concept of a skill that sacrifices dodge (which is of no importance to the DW anyways) to gain hit rate (which is utter useful and needed), but just not as an activated ability, let alone at such a high SP cost (5/5) The reason for this, first of all, is that having to spend 5 more points is quite a bit, considering the skill was useless before, and thus not picked in the majority of DW builds. That's 5 extra valuable SP's that is forced to be spent on a skill that do not constantly increases our hit rate, but only periodically does so. I don't see it become a choice either, as hit rate (again) is desperately needed for the DW. Secondly, having better hit rate (again, which really is a need factor) should be a static buff, opposed to a buff that gives you better hit rate in some instances, and then back to a cooldown, where you don't benefit from it for a while. I see that constant swift from high hit rate on a duration - to low hit rate on a cooldown as RNG, (and correct me if I am wrong), but that's what this project is about to drastically change, amongst other things, correct? As to not copycat the passive Focus buff off of DBOG, how about the Dragon's Pledge skill simply scrapped as is, and the sacrifice dodge for hit rate as you suggested, replacing the EP Passive buff, but as a static, passive 3/3 skill (as is), where you gain hit rate and lose dodge rate for every 1 skill point used? This way, you get a nice static hit rate bonus (at the cost of dodge), whilst also replacing the wasteful EP Passive, AND scrapping a useless skill (Dragon's Pledge), which in turn saves us valuable SP's. It's a multi-win situation I think would work, and still hold true to a great concept of a skill that you had! Taunts (both in the Warrior and DW tree) definitely needs a 100% hit/apply, no matter the weather. It seems we all agree on this one. I've been suggesting this for years, as it never made sense that a pure PvE skill missed/got resisted that much, especially considering that it can be the difference between life and death in the game I still very much feel, that the DW needs an AoE CC ability in their kit. No, I wouldn't like for them to basically become an SK, but I never saw SK's as being the Godly OP class people tend to believe it is anyway, but it is sure as a sunny day, that there is a rather big gap between the Shadow Knight and the Dark Warrior, tilting in the favor of the former. Amongst ways I see this gap could be mended, is for the DW to get an AoE CC ability. If we look objectively at the DW vs. SK trees overall, the DW has around 8 useful skills (more or less), whereas the SK has around 13 useful ones (yes, it is subjective, and changes according to the purpose of the build, etc). That alone is very unbalanced in my eyes. The kit of the SK is not godly nor overpowered in my opinion, but still superior to that of the DW, and with more useful skills in the SK's arsenal (all pretty much superior to that of the DW), it is no surprise SK's are amongst the most played and mainstream'ed class! I just got a question. How exactly will the Demon Wave skill be balanced, if you guys can't/won't go about routes that DBOG took? I like to see myself as being a part of the reason that the Demon Wave skill got buffed on DBOG, seeing as myself and others suggested very similar changes to the skill, which ended up being made a reality, and actually making the skill become quite good! Well, I still personally think it should have burn damage instead of bleed, and become an energy-based skill, and it wouldn't hurt to crank the damage and [burn] DoT up just a tiny nook. Yeah, I agree on that one, Dohko. It is a tricky one, also having to consider SP's and so, hehe. But, turning them into some great active buffs that would benefit the DW, would be very nice. I always thought that having an LP% recovery buffs for the DW (and SK, I guess), would be cool. On the comprehensive thread I made, I have thought of this idea for a long time, which I think could be great for the Dragon's Punishment skill, as well as on all AoE and Cone / Line skills in the entire game: - Across the board, on all of the AoE and Line / Cone skills in the game, the hit rate and success rate should increase the more enemies / mobs you use such skills on, stay the same when used on a certain amount of enemies affected, and decrease when beneath a set minimum amount. Moreover, as to not make purely AoE-based skills become single-target nukers, the actual hit or success rate should lower when used on a group of targets below the skills' specified amount/s, and become pretty much highly likely to miss, when used on just a single player, mob or boss target. Now, there should be some exceptions, such as: (Tweaked it a bit) - Dragon's Punishment (at lvl 5/5 – buff) - Utilize the Claws: Physical Impact Damage: 350%. LP Leech Amount: 800%. Cooldown: 45 Sec. EP Cost: 1000. Affecting a maximum of 10 enemies – In the DW's arsenal, this skill should be the only one NOT affected by the AoE & Cone / Line system; but instead should increase the hit chance and amount healed percentage the lower amount of enemies it is used on, thus increasing its usefulness in PvP and single target / player/ boss PvE and PvP combat.
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    Very nice initiative, to open up this Dark Warrior balancing thread, Dohko! I fully agree and understand, that these are just community ideas, suggestions, general conversing and discussions about the Dark Warrior class, balancing and such, and nothing official or factual is guaranteed, as the balancing team will do that in time as you said. Just general feedback from us that play/played the class, or anyone that wants to join the discussions, suggestings, etc! That could work too, but as you know, the Energy stat doesn't give any energy attack points, but rather just an EP boost and EP recovery boost (unless DBONU will change that formular) But in the same line as your additional suggestion, having Strength added to the Dark Warrior's passive Soul buff skill, would be ideal. That way, the two buffs (active & passive) would both have physical and energy attack buffs, as to not keep the DW in the energy-class type. As @Srdjan commented on in my former thread, about his disagreement about my suggestion that DW's should get the Violent Slice ability off the SK's (which I still think DW should get), your idea about a paralysis or stun effect on Cyclone, would actually be all that we need, and I fully agree on that one! That way, Whirlwind for example could get higher damage, better AoE range and the KD ability, and the Cyclone could get increased damage, even better AoE range AND a similar stun effect as the SK's Violent Slice ability, albeit a physical short-range version. I think that could work, both for the DW as an independent class, but also to mend the rather large gap between SK's and DW's Yes, I think we are many that never used that skill, haha. For it to become an actual offensive (both physical and energy) buff, is a very good idea you have. I think that the duration should be higher than 30 seconds though, but as to durations and such, that's a very tricky ordeal to me, to not make it suddenly become OP! How about a 1 min duration, with the amount of physical and energy attack points you mentioned? As Srdjan also mentioned in the other thread (and which you pointed out that DBOG already has made), the EP passive skill would be ideal to give Focus instead, which I fully agree on. As you pointed out (again), DBOG did it, and be that as it may, it's still a great buff for the DW, which really lacks the hit rate! Guys, how do you find the two buffs: Draconic Resistance and Draconic Defense? Personally, I find them waste of SP's, and never used them myself, although I tested them many years ago, and wasn't impressed in the slightest. With the whole idea of next-to-none RNG in DBONU here (the idea of which I LOVE), what would work instead of those two? Complete rework, buffs to them, or replacements? I was thinking, seeing as they are additional active buffs, how about if one of them gave both success rate and resistance rate (but quite a high amount), and the other gave something like 10% LP recovery at max skill level? They are still self-cast buffs, and I think something major needs to be done with them, as they lean towards PvP, but in turn forces you to have overall worse skills to use, due to the many points you can put in both these two buffs. This way, you have another choice, to become even more tanky/defensive, or to scrap those two buffs (as it is), and put points in more offensive skills. I've also been thinking about, how if at lvl 50, 60, 70 etc., if certain skills which cap on lower character levels, could get a new skill level you could put an SP in at certain levels, that would make them viable at higher levels? This suggestion could apply to all the classes in the game, as to renew and revive skills that are good for lower character levels, but just isn't worth it at higher character level caps.
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    Hi LordShaxx, and thank you for the additional answers/info, as well as the welcome It's very good to be back in DBO. Yeah, was a long time ago, hehe.
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    Thank you very much, both BlakViciouss and Beka, for taking your time to read through and answer all of my questions! I really appreciate it :-) I was very pleased to hear the answers both of you gave me. I just simply can't wait for this version to be done, hehe. I will create a new thread with my suggestions, and start up and play on the test server soon, to help with finding bugs and such.
  8. Hi guys. I have some general questions about this project, which I hope will be answered with official facts. This is just my big curiosity at play, and I mean no offense or anything with any of my questions. I just have really high hopes for this project, and I am eager to find out some things, that I personally disliked about other DBO projects, as well as the retail versions. I have read through a great many of the posts and threads on this forum, as well as the official discord, without getting the answers that I seek. I fully respect if any or all of my questions can't/won't be answered, but here's hoping! Thanks in advance! 1. Is there a FAQ or such, where we can read about different DBONU goals, planned changes, upcoming retail or brand new implementations, class balancing and overall changes to this version from the retail versions as well as the other projects? Basically, a scope of where this version is headed leading up til release and in the future. 2. Is there an ETA or something like that, to when you guys plan on having this game in the final release? (minus future updates and content ofc). Just a rough estimation really, like within 1-2 years or something? 3. How will you go about the -- based on the copyright issues DBOG had/have -- copyright issues and such, from Bandai Namco and Co., etc? 4. Will there (or is there) a dedicated balance team, that will (with help from the community for example) balance all classes, overhaul them or so? 5. How exactly will you guys battle the P2W aspect of the game, whilst also having funds met to keep the servers up, as well as various other costs? Any details you guys can share on changes to the (up until now) heavy P2W aspect of this game overall? 6. Is it guaranteed, that if (when) successful, new content will be released down the line, for example such as higher level cap, more content, new maps, and perhaps even the teased Frieza race, etc? 7. Is it your plan to have the game fully translated into English (and perhaps even other languages as well) upon release, down the line, or not at all? 8. Will the good old Scouter Chips make a grand return, and will KR-exclusive stuff such as the PvP & PvE pet skills come back in this version? 9. Is it planned to keep this forum/hub as toxic-free as possible? Myself -- and I know for a fact many others too -- dislike the DBOG forum, due to an extremely high level of toxicity and flaming/bashing players that frequent there! 10. Can we safely assume (based on the great team and passion on this project), that it won't end up like a certain other version, where the passion, implementation of stuff and patches rolled out a lot to begin with, and then ended up becoming drier than the sands of Sahara? 11. Will you guys actually listen to the community, take in the great suggestions and stuff that go hand-in-hand with your own scope of this project, as well as actually communicating with the community, keeping them (us) informed, up-to-date etc? 12. Is the plan to (on release or after) to have stuff that didn't work proper, to be fully working and implemented in this game? Stuff like the never-released DWC thing, unused crafting materials, and a lot of other stuff? 13. Is it the plan to have all of the known (and perhaps lesser known) bugs fixed? Also, quality-of-life stuff such as a feature which makes you able to open up all your mail (with items) at once, a sell-all white items feature, disabling of the flying blur effect and the like, to have a shot at being implemented in this version at some point? 14. What is your plan to do with the upgrade system? A complete overhaul, just an RNG luck boost, or something else? 15. Will you guys accept personal suggestions? I have a rather big list of such suggestions and ideas, that I would love to post here for you