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  1. Lunar

    Nevermind. I found the calendar.
  2. Lunar

    Can someone tell me the times for the dragon ball hunts, for each day?
  3. Lunar

    That did it. Thanks!
  4. Lunar

    I just finished all the flight quests and unlocked the flight ability. I used a high speed scroll and couldn’t boost though. I tried double clicking the mouse, double and repeatedly tapping the W key, tried using a buff before flying. Am I missing something, or does it not currently work?
  5. Where do you find a “kid clock”? Is it something you have to buy, or is received through a mission chain?
  6. Hello Everyone, Just started playing last week and I’m about to get my first character to level 40. I’m still playing as a child, but was curious if you can get the flight ability and super saiyan when you are still a child, or do you have the finish the master class quests and become an adult first?
  7. Lunar

    Hi, My brother and I were looking to get into playing Dragon Ball Online. It seems like people prefer this over DBO Global. We can only find a video guide on installing DBO Global though. Could someone post a link or create a video showing step by step how to download and install the game? It would be greatly appreciated.