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    i just tried that, however same issue seems to persist. It opens for a few secounds and then just... Dies with no warning or anything to show what happened
  2. ScandianViking

    sure thing! Windows 10 On my A drive, which is a 1TB m.2 NVME ssd. Path would be something like (A:) / Games / DBOUR Yes i always run stuff as Admin to eliminate small issues that could be caused by not doing that ^^ Launcher version is Build v2.0.0.4
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    Hi there. So just got here after years of not playing. I was following you back in the day but life took over and time became minimal. I just downloaded the game but every time i press Launch the game window shows up for a few secound before just... Closing. Not sure Why this is happening. I was reading around to see if others had the same problem, and checked the main thread with most well knows issues here, but so far no luck. If you need a Screen Shot, i can try and get it for you. But its pretty straight forward. No error code, Just shut down. Hope someone know a fix to the issue. Thanks in advance!