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  1. it is not known, there is no publicity and a lot of peoples dont know about this game, i knew time ago that revelation team was doing this game but i just come 1 month ago to search for updates, and a lot of my people of the guilds where we played together they diddnt knew about this game, i told them about. i will do a facebook page and some videos about this game so more people can know that DBO is back ONLINE, AND NO MORE WIPES AND LOST CHARACTHERS. we will start PLAY AGAIN
  2. Hy, i want to know if this game will have the accounts wiped, and canceled. to start from 0 one day? or it will be forever?
  3. Hy, i used to be a pro player of dbo in the old days. since 2010 playing. I have a youtube channel and a instagram acc, i could post videos and a lot of stuff, and a lot of players i think will start playing this game. My question is, "Will this be good for the game? " and i want to know, there will be any wipes here? any idea if one day the accounts will be deleted and we need to start from 0 again???????
  4. Ciao a tutti, sono un ex pro giocatore di dbo, gioco dal 2010. sono andato via da dbo global e adesso inizio a giocare qua. Per chi vorrebbe venire in un gilda italiana o tanto per giocare insieme mi contatti. il mio nome in gioco ,,,,, sorry i smurf ,,,,,,, come su youtube