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  1. wellknownloner46

    Nevermind I just got help. It's all good now. Thank you guys a lot.
  2. wellknownloner46

    Thank you for the suggestion however I already did and still haven't gotten a response yet.
  3. wellknownloner46

    So I'm having an issue. I can't get into the game with my level 58 Turtle Hermit. I was in the abandoned mine dungeon(sorry i dont know the actual name) in West Land. I was walking around killing things for quests and was trying to find my way out. I came across another instance door to enter and was taken to a loading screen (perfectly normal). However, the game then crashed right afterwards. I keep trying to load up my character but the game keeps crashing. I tried using the User Control Panel to fix my location but that hasn't worked either. My Turtle's name is WellKnownLoner. If any of the devs or GMs can help please do. Thank you.