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  1. Hi all, I need help. My char MagiLinda stay bugged in West City. I can´t log in game in 2 days... I am sad =( Why the fix button in control panel not fix nothing? Can look that too pls? TY.
  2. Lady

    Hi all! I until cant log =(
  3. Lady

    I am re patch with see in another post... but not fixed her...
  4. Lady

    Hi all... I dont know what hapened with my char... I am again buggued... now are in West City, the client close and I recive the msg error 0023, that before the new patch. =( I dont want lost other weekend =( Ty.
  5. Hi, my Character MagiLinda is bugged in mudosa village, when i try log her the client close, i try teleport to papaya island but i teleport in a robot npc, and him teleport me to mudosa vllage and bugged my char, im bugged many days and cant log, i try "fix" in user panel but dont works, please help, i cant play many days ago and anyone resolved my problem, ty