Client and server patch notes 30/05/2020

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  • Fixed the repair all button
  • Fixed quest arrow not shown with the proper color once quest is completed
  • Fixed big number of unread mails
  • Fixed Majins changing back to white when adult.
  • Fixed Pure Majin Crash. 
  • Fixed Dojo Scramble Request causing a crash
  • Fixed Dojo Scramble Response causing a crash
  • Fixed more warnings in source.  
  • Fixed some property related crashes. 





  • Bank inventories are now movable
  • Bank bar is now movable and moves all inventories at once //New feature
  • Server-side tweaks.
  • LP Bonus for CON is equalized across all classes. 
  • Updated the XML library
  • Re-enabled Multi-clienting (for now.)
  • Changed rates for being lower level than your target
  • Update Drop Level Difference for TMQ items
  • Changed Max Level Difference for Rank Battle. 
  • Increase range of experience collection for parties
  • Restructure experience based on level difference. 
  • Added Several New Titles and Effects for them
  • Added a large amount of art assets to the game
  • Added a new @help command. 



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Again great works by you thanks for that 🙂


Do you already know when the item pot for the transformations for the races: Namekians, Saiyans and Majins are brought back into the game?

At the official DBO server there were these pots where you could transform for a short time would be great if they would come back into play as an item.


In German


Wieder großartige arbeitet von euch Vielen Dank dafür 🙂


Weiß man denn schon wann das Item Pot für die Transformationen für die Rassen: Namekianer, Saiyajin und Majins wieder ins spiel mit eingespielt werden?

Beim offiziellen DBO Server gab es diese pots wo man sich für kurze Zeit transformieren konnte wäre super wenn diese wieder ins spiel kommen würden als item.  

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Thank you for the patch!

Can we have an alternative to change our character's hair since the lv30 broly hair bug seems to not get fixed yet?

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This game it really getting better and better and this is the best patch notes that I've seen come out. Thank you for all the hard work that you all are putting into this games development. :)

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Help with /? the command @time is still missing, maybe you could still write with it.


If you press the arrows on the far left of the chat where Help is located and you click on it, nothing happens only because the command when entering the chat maybe you could change that before the update you could also click on it and see the commands.


In German


Bei Help mit /? fehlt noch der befehl @time vielleicht könnte man denn noch mit dazu schreiben.


Wenn man beim Chat ganz links auf die pfeile drückt wo Help steht und man klickt drauf passiert nichts nur über denn befehl bei der Chat eingabe vielleicht könnte man das auch noch ändern vor dem update konnte man auch darauf klicken und die befehle sehen.


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Thank you so much for considering my recomendadtions i am glad i could help

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