wonder majin attack (shout)

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ok i had alot and i mean alot of trouble with this attack


that stun is too long range 45 m is to long in my opinion that should nerf to 25 or 30m because that stun can hit you when the match being in pvp rank and budokai and then the karma or plasma can stun you with double whammy ball stun, confusion ,mobility seal (stun), hesitation (which can't make you use skills) and playful doll (confusion) thats if you a karma 

plasma i admit plasma skill tree only has one stun skill which is confusing Drumbeat (which gives you confusion) but they still have the wonder majin skill like double whammy ball stun,confusion and SHOUT and with plasma they have knockdown skills that will knock you down alot yes i know you need rp balls for knockdown but with those stun i bet ou could get a rp ball or two to gt those knockdowns in because wonder majin skills have knockdown and plasma skills have knock down when you first get the skills and knockdown can go with karma also they have the wonder majin skills too but all i'm trying to say is that shout skill range is way to long and when it hits i would say its over because of the continues stuns and and knock down attacks again all in my opinion and experiences because it have happen to me before.



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I sorta agree with you on this, but then again I never played the Majin race so I’m sort of limited on what info and opinion I can give.

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That skill in us client is balanced,because karma cant skill lock you forever (skill lock skill got longer cd) and also Wonder majin got lower dmg,so they cant one shot you.

Also if when match start you forward fas dash,they cant ring you out,because they need do Rp charghe skill and then use this.

Also 3 seconds is really a short time,i know the range is big,but is one of theyr stronger weapon(atleast my opinion)

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That skill as most of CC long range ones, should have some cast time, even 1 sec cast time would be enough time to counter it or prepare for it.

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