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Im New to DBOUR i played Korean and Taiwan back in the golden days. In this server what are the most efficient ways to get Dogi's. Also is the Mystery Dogi capsule something you can get again?  

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I need these
previously made from a wagu machine
I wonder if he's in the game at all, should I try to get it (tmq-s or any)


google translate, sorry


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12 hours ago, Cena90 said:

Can you get all Dogis from the Dogi capsule?

No you can't get any dogi, the capsule from TMQ's and Token shop contains the same dogi's as the capsule you get from PopoGift Box at lvl2.


20 hours ago, kimhealsung said:

This dogi it is in game ?


and Explorer hat ?


Yes the dogi exist in the game, but unobtainable for now.

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