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Client and Server Patch Notes 11/05/2020

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On this patch, we will attempting some potential balance changes, all changes are subject to change.

We have also fixed a few crashes as well.





  • Fixed crashes in locations that had misaligned PVSs
  • Fixed crash with Warrior Mystic Attack.



  • Fixed some Incorrect text
  • Corrected some Player Titles
  • Several visual bugs corrected.
  • Preloaded new content for Namekians (Not enabled)



Skill Changes
(Balance changes are subject to change)




Great Namek 
Duration Increased from 10 to 20 minutes.
Cooldown Reduced from 60 to 30 minutes


Super Saiyan
Cooldown Reduced from 60 to 30 minutes


Pure Majin

Cooldown Reduced from 60 to 30 minutes



Burning Attack Lv 5
Burn DoT reduced from 170 to 150 per second


Glaring Slash
Removal of Properties Reduction
Lv 1 Added 50  Defense Reduction
Lv 2 Added 100 Defense Reduction
Lv 3 Added 150 Defense Reduction
Lv 4 Added 200 Defense Reduction
Lv 5 Added 250 Defense Reduction
Lv 6 Added 350 Defense Reduction



Crane Hermit


Crane Discharge
Lv 1 from 14 to 18 Constitution
Lv 2 from 20 to 26 Constitution
Lv 3 from 26 to 32 Constitution



Turtle Hermit

Sudden Stun

Lv 1 Area of Effect Increased from 10 to 15 Meters Around Self

Lv 2 Area of Effect Increased from 10 to 15 Meters Around Self

Lv 3 Area of Effect Increased from 10 to 15 Meters Around Self


Ultimate Majin


Miraculous Cheering
Lv 2 from 15 to 19 Constitution

Lv 2 from 15 to 19 Energy

Lv 3 from 19 to 24 Energy
Lv 3 from 20 to 25 Constitution

Lv 4 from 25 to 30 Energy

Lv 4 from 26 to 33 Constitution


Miraculous Fitness

Properties Increase Removed
Lv 1 Added 2% Physical Defense Increase

Lv 1 Added 2% Physical Attack Increase

Lv 1 Added 2% Energy Defense Increase

Lv 1 Added 2% Energy Attack Increase


Lv 2 Added 4% Physical Defense Increase

Lv 2 Added 4% Physical Attack Increase

Lv 2 Added 4% Energy Defense Increase

Lv 2 Added 4% Energy Attack Increase


Lv 3 Added 6% Physical Defense Increase

Lv 3 Added 6% Physical Attack Increase

Lv 3 Added 6% Energy Defense Increase

Lv 3 Added 6% Energy Attack Increase


Lv 4 Added 8% Physical Defense Increase

Lv 4 Added 6% Physical Attack Increase

Lv 4 Added 6% Energy Defense Increase

Lv 4 Added 6% Energy Attack Increase


Lv 5 Added 10% Physical Defense Increase

Lv 5 Added 10% Physical Attack Increase

Lv 5 Added 10% Energy Defense Increase

Lv 5 Added 10% Energy Attack Increase


Mighty Majin

Enchanting Breeze 
Properties Increase Removed
Lv 1 Added 3% Physical Reflect
Lv 2 Added 6% Physical Reflect
Lv 3 Added 9% Physical Reflect 9%




Lv 1 Duration Reduced from 13 to 11 seconds
Lv 2 Duration Reduced from 18 to 14 seconds
Lv 3 Duration Reduced from 23 to 19 seconds


Dark Warrior

Focus Boost
Lv 1 Fromto 12 Focus
Lv 1 Added 18% EP Increase

Lv 2 From x to 18 Focus
Lv 2 Added 26% EP increase

Lv 3 From x to 26 Focus
Lv 3 Added 35% EP increase



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    Thank you SanGawku!

    By the way, can you please let us know about the state of the Broly hair bug fix?

    It really sucks to have some unwanted hair on your character.

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    Great Updates and well made list of patches. Appreciate the game!

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    Shout out to the ones that actually are active on the forums.

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    Rebalances are subject to change after extensive testing/review.

    Just give it some time people, you may actually grow to like it.

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