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Hello everyone, how are you?

I would like to make a humild suggestion. I see that there is a problem with everyone having a lot of pjs. Lots of people makes 4 or even more different classes for themselves.
There is a couple or problems with that:

1- The TQM and UD becames useless. People dont just make partys, play with each other. Thet make partys with themselves loosing part of the game sense. Cooperation
2- Monopolize farming zones - This is not a problem no, but its gonna be. Just look what happened to other serves. Instead of making party of 2 or 4 different person, they take a whole zone and a war for the farming spots begin. Imagine 50 players, taking 50 different zones..instead of 25 or 15
3- People cheat in boodokai. They go with a lot of pj and loose with themselves.
4 - The game gets monopolized, same that happends with farming, happends with items. Thats gonna make the game impossible until you make lvl 70, creating a really small couple of players extremly strong, and the rest weak. 

Thats some of the reason im seeing why this is an error, so i suggest that the launcher doesnt let you if you want to log more than one user. Just one launcher like it was in Taiwan. 
5 - 

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