Client and Server Patch Notes 01/05/2020

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Client and Server Patch Notes

Here the list of updates from the last few days.

Enjoy and Welcome back!




Rename Trade Chat to Universe Chat
Changed Chat Colors to more readable ones. 
Removed Blue outline From the Scouter Scan Effect
Increase Max Size of Chat Boxes. 
Allow Walking in Disabled Places
Increase Render Distance Again
Reduce Size of Outline (HDR)



Add New Animation ID characters property related things
Lower Drop Level of Dragon balls During Events
Lower Auction House Minimum Level to 10
Lower Dash Distance to 20
Increase Dash Speed to 30
Increase Max Field of View (FOV) to 110

Increase Spawn Distance by 3 Times the Current Amount 

Increase Culling Distance by 4 Times the Current Amount. 
Increase Move Speed for Children and Adults.(10/11 base speed up from 7/8)

Increase Dragonball Spawn Rate from 4/12/16/20% to 12/24/36/48%




Fix Sky Mods

Fix PVS crash

Fix Scramble Dragon balls.

Fix Crash On Close.

Fix Crash from invalid textures.

Fix Yardrat memory window causing a crash.













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