Can't register for a game account

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Read about a bit, i hear that you are currently undergoing technical difficulties and such but i'm still here to ask when you'll be able to resolve the issue? (If you can, that is, name a date). Since from what i've seen, it's been about 2 weeks or so, maybe about a week or more of me trying to register to no avail.


I used the same credentials i have on my forum account to register for a game account and yet all it comes up with is: "There was an error registering. Please try again."

It never really says "try again later" but i've come to learn that in the first 2 attempts i ever made to register for an account.


Been using this registration form the whole time, it led me to it from the launcher.



Any clue on when the issue will be resolved?

Also, cheers, keep up the great work.

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i have the same issue - can't even get the launcher to start (already starting as an administrator). o.ó

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