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Client and Server Patch Notes 16/07/2019

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  • Increased Performance Optimizations.
  • Updated 'ModLoader' so PNG's and DDS' are interchangeable.
  • Updated 'FontManager' to use 32 bit Fonts. (Pretty/Smooth Fonts)
  • Updated 'SystemEffects' to Latest. 
  • Updated NPCs/Zone/(Item and Skill) Effect Translations.
  • Updated Skill tables to latest version (Required wipe).
  • Enabled the use of Vehicles 




  • Fixed Crash with Token Shop.
  • Several Texture related crashes.
  • Fixed Crash from Missing Effects.
  • Fixed Vehicle Crashes/Being Unable to use them.
  • Fixed Crash from using Items.




  • Removed SSJB from AspectStates.
  • Adjusted 'BloomEffect'.
  • Damage Calculations Changes for Transformations.




  • Updated Job IDs for NPCs/Objects so they don't show "NONE" anymore
  • Fixed 'ModLoader' Bug that didn't allow PNG's to be replaced.





  • The world map is not displayed correctly.
  • Mobs don't leave any loot
  • Quest system is broken due to the massive update in its mechanics.
  • Some skills don't have visible effects.
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