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Client and Server Patch Notes 12/07/2019

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  • Updated all Scripts files to latest version.
  • Updated all Textures files to latest version.
  • Updated all Flashs files to latest version.
  • Updated all Objects files to latest version.
  • Updated all Quests files to latest version. (in progress).
  • Updated Quests structure to latest version.
  • Level cap has been increased to 70.




  • Fixed the crash with the F6 shortcut.
  • Fixed a crash when a Dragon Ball is dropped by a mob.
  • HOTFIX:Fix crashes related to missing effects files.
  • HOTFIX:Fix Mushroom North.




  • Dragon Balls will appear on the minimap as long as you have a scouter equipped.
  • Updated the GUI to show the channel name.
  • Updated chat colors.
  • Updated chat window opacity.
  • Updated several other things related to the latest version.
  • Updated the intro stage.




  • Fixed the sound problem where the game audio will not play after doing a logout and select a character.





  • The world map is not displayed correctly.
  • Mobs don't leave any drop
  • Using a vehicle will result a crash.
  • Quest system is broken due to the massive update in its mechanics.
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