Client and Server Patch Notes 09/07/2019

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  • Added 'Superior' drop table.
  • Updated all items to Latest Version.
  • Updated Merchant(s) to Latest Version.
  • Add All Latest Items to devdata.
  • Updated Item property Data.
  • Add All Latest Item DFF.
  • Add all Latest Item Animations.
  • Updated Mini-map GUI for new scouter types.
  • Add Master Class Conversion. (Still requires GM).
  • Add Child/Adult Conversion. (Still requires GM).
  • Add random grade to rank 2 items or higher on drop.
  • Convert to Latest Item table, Merchant Table and Newbie Tables.
  • Enabled Netpy shop (Token Shop)




  • Several minor Crash Fixes.
  • Fix crash for Passive Skills
  • Fix Crash for Equipping Items.
  • Fixed crash for consumables.
  • Fix a crash in Trigger System when the rewards table can't be found. 
  • Fixed Crash when you have invalid NPC jobs.




  • Updated Skills to be Learn-able without a skill master.
  • Added Channel tags to chat.
  • Fix some logic for showing level on mini-map.
  • Update several functions that required changes due to new item struct.
  • Fixes in the mob structures to actually use the increased rates for XP and Loot
  • Increase available darkness on chat windows.




  • Fix sell price bug
  • Fixed error with incorrect Netpy cost.
  • Fixed items that expire to have actual time on them.
  • Fix Mini-map for Dragon Balls
  • Fix for a couple hairstyles clipping



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