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​​​​​​​Character Stuck in loading screen.

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While zoning into instances I have noticed it's a bit buggy. Same thing for using teleporters. It seems to happen more frequently when dashing about and if you reach an instance teleport I have to re-log in order for it to work correctly. When teleporting into yahoyi Fort Preface my character got stuck on a loading screen. Previously when teleporting out of this same instance, my character had moved all the way to the Wastelands Open Air Theater. Using Popo stones seems to be broken as well including the initial quest to bind your location to one. Not sure if my character can be recovered but felt like I should report this.





This can be moved to bugs if needed.


This is what happens when zoning out of yahoyi Fort Preface instance. Obviously I shouldnt teleport to the wastelands but it has happened several times now. If I @stuck and re-log i'm in Korins village. If not ∞ loading screen. Or in two of the instances I didn't need to re-log at all and it just plain teleported me to open-air theater and I walked to West City. I haven't combed to much of the bug reports but I did see a know (and fixed?) issue with this instance teleport leading to the ∞ loading screen. 


This is the video after LEAVING the instance:

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Second character dashed into water at popped grease beach. Stuck in water cant move but all other functions work (scouter, menus, etc.)

@stuck fixed it didn't know about this command. Original character still stuck in loading screen.  

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this issue resolved
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