Bugs(?) I realized so far

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Hi There DBO-Team


First I want to thank you for your hard work to get this game running after so many years.

I just started the game 2 days ago (and play it for the first time so I have no experience with the "original" of it)

I play as human, so all experiences are out of the human start-areal.


1. the first Quest you get after entering the game, to scan the npc doesnt work. I figured out that it works after you scan/defeat another mob, but I think new players might get scared away with not even able to do the first quest the normal way ^^;


2. The Popo-Stones wont work (on me at least) whenever I try to register the position in the first village (the popo stone quest) the window with the buttons appears and iam able to choose to register. But afterwards its not registeres at all. The quest cant get finished and iam not able to teleport back to the village (via popo-stones)


3. The bus doesnt work. Its stuck on the first village. Whenever I klick on it, there is just an dialogue showing up but no options to aktually really use it.


4. the Mail-system doesnt work. When I tried to do the mailbox quest, the message couldnt get sent. Iam sure the name of the player was correkt because i had it written in the chat but just nothing happended after pushing the "send" button.


5. It seems we only get exp trough quests, not by killing mobs (Exp 0+) (dont know if thats normal in this game though..)


6. Whenever i want to pick up items (not zeny but herbs, chests..) the radar sign above my head appears and its loading but nothing happens after its complete. Shouldnt the herb appear in my inventory or beeing able to get afterwards? If I do something wrong, I would be glad someone explains me how to pick up things beside zeny ._.;


There are other problems like wrong translation, wrong mob name for quests, no appearing quest items after several (20+) kills on mobs as well. but that would be all to much to write down right now I think ^^;


Propably I was able to help a little to improve the game experience. but really god job so far ❤️

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Hi, thanks for reporting.

But please read the pinned topics before creating a bug report thread next time.

1. isn't a bug, but I understand where the confusion is, this quest will eventually change to what everyone is familiar with.
2. This isn't a bug, like a good majority of things as we are in alpha, they aren't implemented yet, so you'll need to skip that quest.
3. Also not implemented.

4. This, I'll have to investigate.
5. This seems to be an issue with our scaling system.

6. This isn't currently working yet either.

??. Yes translations are extremely rough, it's purely for everyone to get a small grasp of what it might say, rather than being assaulted by the Korean text.
???. Not all quests work, and it's possible it might not even be that mob.

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