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Server Patch Notes: 18/05/2019

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Guest atidote










  • Asynchronous packet management (SAFE / UNSAFE) threading.
  • Anti cheat polish
  • GM / Moderator command to make announce
  • Shutdown sheldule
  • image.png





  • Fix EP / LP incorrect value ex: (6000 / 4000 LP)
  • Mob casting skills target were sometimes wrong
  • Mob accumulation debuff is handled
    • (its also available for players debuffs !)
      • DefaultTimer * 0.75 / accumulation
      • Accululation stack is stored for 10 seconds
      • At a point the debuff is no longer apply
      • Each debuff use reset the accumulation timer
  • Get keyboard dash correct destination value on other client
  • Bleed were not stackable anymore
  • Food was triggering the enter combat state (food wasn't usable)
  • On mob died it now refresh the minimap dragonball drop chance
  • Mob shouldnt stay dead on the ground sometimes anymore
  • Bank zenny wasnt saved




  • Mob chance to perform a skill reduce by 40%





  • 2




  • Several quests are not working
    • Generally the interaction of the world object quests are what don't currently work.
  • Tutorial is not working
    • You should be automatically sent to your starting area for now.
  • Bank
    • Moving a stack onto another stack is not implemented yet

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