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Server Patch Notes: 16/05/2019

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Major features:


  • Auto attack is now fully working
  • Mobs should now be able to use skills
  • Dash / Charge are now learnt by default until quests are fixed (it's possible the skills aren't shown as learnt in the skill tree don't worry, visual bug.)
  • Dragon Ball event will be running until next update or crash! 🙂


Bug fixes:


  • Buying A Bank bag was adding the bag to your inventory
  • Use of skills with stored RP effect issue fixed
  • Karin Teleport portal added by default






Crashes fixed:

  • 2


Known issues:

  • Several quests are not working
    • Generally the interaction of the world object quests are what don't currently work.
  • Tutorial is not working
    • if you hit OK you'll be teleported to your starting point instead the tutorial now.
  • Bank
    • Moving a stack onto another stack is not implemented yet

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