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Server Patch Notes: 15/05/2019

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Major features:


  • Bank is now account based
  • Some new moderation commands have been added for GM / SA
  • Some new debug commands too to allow us do some deep in game testing (quest related debug)
  • Some name checks at creation has been added to avoid racist nicknames.



Bug fixes:


  • Dragon Ball event fixed
  • Tutorial temporarily removed
  • Network socket wasn't deleted on logout (memory leak)
  • Faint/death by using a 'casting' skill is fixed.
  • mob movement should be back to normal.
  • Duplicated skills on save is now fully fixed
  • Using a bike multiple times  to get a speed hack is fixed
  • All Quests Mobs / NPCs have been removed from the map (will be only spawned by quests) => (implementation in progress)
  • Possibility to learn skills between classes fix (upcoming in future update don't learn another classes skill, It can result in your character(s) to be required to be deleted.)
  • Map Revealer progress is now saved
  • Items upgrade remove now stones.
  • Items upgrade now removes broken items (rates need to be adjusted with your return)
  • Moving item stack sometimes made your game crash when the stack was greater than the max stack
  • Fixed Kaioken reuse issue
  • Cant use vehicle anymore if you are transformed you will need to cancel the transform first (includes Kaioken)




  • Mobs damage decrease by 15%




  • Auto attack speed has been increased by 0.3s
  • Auto attack damage increased by 5%


Crashes fixed:

  • 5


Known issues:

  • Several quests are not working
    • Generally the interaction of the world object quests are what don't currently work.
  • Tutorial is not working
    • if you hit OK you'll be teleported to your starting point instead the tutorial now.
  • Bank
    • Moving a stack on another stack is not implemented yet


Due to the major update with account & inventory,
A character wipe is planned once the update is released.

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