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Server Patch Notes: 11/05/2019

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It's been a long time my old friend.







Major features:


  • Broly (DBS Movie, Currently has DBZ voice will be replaced for release)
  • Quest system (isn't fully implemented yet, but able to complete all quests without interaction of object)
  • Dragon Ball Event
  • Party share target
  • Open PVP (allows you to be in PvP all the time)
  • Warfog ( Map Revealers )
  • Upgrade System (functional, but not fully implemented)
  • Dungeon Map System (functional, not fully implemented)
  • CPU management optimisation
  • EventManager (allows us to plan events)
  • Banned names at character creation (more to come)



Bug fixes:


  • Cell management for small maps were all incorrect.
  • Mobs collided with hit-box when fighting
  • Mob properties has been reduce by 0.15%
  • Players collided with hit-box when fighting
  • Free Battle fixes (Duel)
  • When a player had logged out in a dungeon, they were teleported to the entrance
  • Upgrade system was not upgrading the items
  • Inventory and skills weren't being saved
  • On use of buff ( Lvl 1) expire and upgrade to (  Lvl 2 ); as it was possible to stack them
  • Added possibility to get dismount from bike of 10% chances (when hit)
  • Added fix for when you faint while on the bike which was giving you speed hack
  • Dragon Ball event reward was not given
  • Dragon Ball event drop rate set at 7%
  • Dragon Ball event sometimes all 7 dragon balls were dropped from a single mob
  • Dragon Balls were not removed after a wish was granted
  • Trading issues
  • Consumable items at use should now be deleted (Report if they don't)
  • Lots of issues fixed with our MySQL implementation
  • Buff drop is now removing the buff even at re-login
  • Map manager fixes; west city is now accessible




  • Auto attack speed has been increased by 0.3s
  • Auto attack damage reduced by 20%


Crashes fixed:

  • 12



  • 3


Known issues:

  • Upgrade system doesn't remove stones or broken item yet.
  • Several quests are not working
    • Generally the interact with world object quests are what don't currently work.
  • Tutorial is not working
    • Please press cancel when asked to start tutorial after creating a new account for now


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