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Q: What happened?

A: When Attempting to Sign into the Client and Enter the Game - I recieve the error in the Image Below.

Q: For log purpose, when it happened?

A: Anytime I try to Login.

Q: How the bug happened?

Q: How we can reproduce?

A: Unsure

Q: Please, post a print or at last a video for we check and reproduce the error to fix it ASAP

A: ozq4O1y.png


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Please redownload the launcher from the original location and then login again.
We had to make some core changes to the launcher which required the installer be remade.

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Currently when I attempt to downloadable the client, I'm receiving this error;




Is there another location to download the Client currently outside the Alpha thread?

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This topic has been resolved thanks to the team on the Discord! Thank you again ShadowZ!

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