"Unknown Error" When trying to log in

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Q: What happened?

A: Trying to log in, I get an error ("Unknown Faliure reason please contact DBOUR team")

Q: For log purpose, when it happened?

A: 1741 PM Swedish time (GMT +1)

Q: How the bug happened?

A: When loggin in using client

Q: How we can reproduce?

A: Try to log in.  Since others seem to be able to log in without an issue there must be something about my account.

Q: Please, post a print or at last a video for we check and reproduce the error to fix it ASAP


To finish this report, attatch the dbolog.txt which is located at your root installation

File not present (probably since I haven't logged in successfully)

Additional info: I'm a Pisces.

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Guest atidote

Moved at support.

Server are only offline.

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