Server Patch Notes: 12/2/2019

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Hello DBONU Community,

A new server update is up, thanks for your patience.

To Download the Updated version of the game, please visit:



System Fixes:

  • Trading system now works.

    Fixed Scouter slots on client side.

    Skills now work (Buffs, Debuffs, DOT, and Damage)

    Skill Buff now saves in the database.

    Skill Cooldown now saves in the database.

    “Whisper” now works in the Chat.

    Play time (Character) + total played time (Account) => need client UI integration

    RP can now be Charged properly.

    Scouter Chips now work.

    Item Attributes now work.

    Some RP Effects on Skills are now working (Knockdown and Guard Break do not work yet)

    Consumables (Common items, Popo Items, Food and Potions) now work.

    Vehicles and Mounts now work.

    Party target sharing

    Multiple new objects have been added to the world.

Bug Fixes (All issues stated below have been fixed):

  • Learning skills sometimes caused a server crash.

    Moving around the map when teleporting resulted in a server crash.

    Mob Respawn time was buggy at some points.

    Player Characters sometimes had the ability to walk after they die.

    Players couldn’t see other players casting any skills.

    Character Arrow sometimes didn’t show up in the minimap.

    Teleporting to Cities caused some issues.

    Many server issues were also fixed.

Know issue:

  • Auto attack does not work as intended.

    Mob life is sometimes left unchanged about skill is used

    Skill duration bonus is not completely working

    Mob can stay dead on the ground for longer than proper time

    Party missing features

    Items are not removed when used (Potions, food, etc) (This issues is intentional as of now!)

    Dash can be a little buggy when using keyboard.


To-Do List:

  • Guard / Counter

    Skill time & bonus

    Attributes (funny, honest, etc)


Transformation Stats:

  • Super Saiyan Stats:

    • Dodge rate - increased by 30%

      Hit Rate - increased by 20%

      Physical offence - increased by 30%

      Energy offence - increased by 30%

      Movement speed - increased by 25%

      Attack speed - increased by 25%

  • Pure Majin Stats:

    • EP - increased by 200%

      Physical offence - increased by 40%

      Energy offence - increased by 40%

      Movement speed - decreased by 20%

      Hit rate - increased by 10%

      Dodge rate - increased by 20%

      Block rate - increased by 20%

      Curse resistance rate - increased by 10%

      Attack range - changed to 35

  • Giant Namek:

    • LP - increased by 30%

      EP - increased by 30%

      Physical offence - increased by 30%

      Energy offence - increased by 30%

      Physical defense - increased by 200%

      Energy defense - increased by 200%

      Movement speed - decreased by 30%

      Attack speed - increased by 20%

      Dodge rate - decreased by 20%

      Block rate - increased by 40%

      Curse resistance rate - increased by 50%

      Attack range - changed to 6  


Great Namek’s 10 minute time limit has been removed, more EP is drained from usage instead.

Kaioken is still under testing. For more information, visit:



Development will be paused for a few days after the release of this patch in order to fix the upcoming bugs and features.


With much more coming on the way, I wish you all a great time until then,





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