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Client and Server Patch Notes 2.3.5 03/01/2021

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    Happy New Year!





Reminder that there is 2 days and 12 hours left of the new player promotion.



    Major Features


Included in the Download

  • Everything that is required for the game and the launcher to run is now included in the REDIST folder 
    • Found in DBOUR/REDIST/
    • This new download also includes the new fixed launcher
  • Windows 7 Fixer and Permissions Fixer are also Included in this download
    • Run Windows 7 Fixer if you are running Windows 7 ONLY
    • Run Permissions Fixer if you are running from Program Files
      • Permissions Fixer can be safely run on any config.




  • You can now see the exact amount of players on each channel when selecting a channel.
  • 90% of Props have been removed from the game,
    • We're aware some are still remaining on titles, and some items.
  • Added Power level under Character status
    • Localized to your system language
  • AP Indicator now correctly updates color



    Known Issues


  •         Universe Points are manually allocated currently.     
  •         You can't save login info on multiple launchers     
  •         Some TMQ Effects don't show/play     



    Crashes Fixed


  • Fixed the crash when picking up loot when using Chinese language
  • Fixed a crash that was with the drop item GUI
  • Fixed crash from Poko and Plasma Sub weapons
    • This should solve a few CCBD crashes as well.
  • Fix Main Flight UI disappearing when in air
  • Fix Search Crash




    bug fixes



  • Fixed the SSJ aura sound loop






  •     Mail now has an audible voice prompt for new mail



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