Client & Server Patch Notes: 25/1/2019

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Update Date: 25th January 2019

Update Details:

  •  Server Stability has been increased.
  •  Korin Tower has been added to the map.
  •  Damage notifications added (Hit, miss, critical, dodge, etc.).
  •  Skills and items now have IDs for ease of identification and translation.
  •  Bug with inventory bags going off screen when opened has been fixed.
  •  Bug with setclass has been fixed.
  •  Bug with Skills not showing for other players has been fixed.
  •  Crash due to playertypes becoming nullpointers has been fixed.
  •  Player position syncing has had multiple fixes.
  •  Preparation for player scaling.
  •  New Gui for player scaling added.
  •  Some slight modifications to the Character Creation Screen have been made.
  •  Game logo changed.

Other Details: 

  • Kami's Lookout has been re-textured and redesigned to fit what it truly looks like rather than being boring and empty.





For those who support this project, thank you so much for your support.

Our most sincere regards to all of those who will continue to support us.

With much more coming on the way, I wish you all a great time until then,




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