Bug Quest "The thief inside the company"

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Hi guys, 


the quest "The thief inside the company" is probably one of the most important for Kid budokai players like me. 

It gives you the best weapon (glove/staff) level 29, perfect for the tournament (if you don't know the quest google/youtube it).  


Today I delivered the quest and I didn't get the reward. Could you please check the log and maybe send me the staff to my kid pg (KidWinPK50S)?  

I really need it for budokai and I saw that there are other players that have it. 


SorotSma is already aware of the problem since I pinged him in chat. 

Contact me for any other information


Thanks 🙂

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I've just tested it with another class (Majin) and it works. Gloves are in my inventory. It seems it is a bug with dragon clan class

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On 12/2/2020 at 12:56 PM, Unlimited said:

Thank you for reporting.

Hi Unlimited, I was wondering if this bug has been fixed with the latest patchs.

Thanks :) 

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