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now this has been a mess since back in the good old days but it has it benefits and down sides this is how it looks like


so this is how it goes 

wild beats strange but weak to honest

strange beats elegant but weak to wild

elegant beats funny but weak to strange

funny beats honest but weak elegant

and honest beat wild but weak to funny

correct me if i'm wrong on that 

but there more if you pick a certain attribute 3 will go up but 2 will go down because some are weak and weaker to others and some are strong and stronger than others but the same state cancel out each other so for e.g elegant vs elegant since they are both the same state they won't do no more or no less damage because they are the same and it doesn't matter if you have more elegant than your enemy if they have elegant it cancels out

but we also have props states for earring and rings

which is attack and defense attributes which is what most people use it increases all attributes so you won't have any - states (yes you can get negative attributes because of the down side and weakness of the state)  and they are also just one attribute increase too

so in conclusion just pick the attributes you want and they can give increase damage for some or decrease for some and each mob and boss has it own attribute so if you know it use what its weak against and use it this is kaiboss have a nice day or night.




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