New here, have a few questions

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Hello everyone. I was playing on tw server ages ago and I want to play again, but can someone tell me what's the current state of the server, development, etc? Also are there plans to expand on original content, or will there only be the old content available? If I start playing now, will there be any wipes, or do I keep my account and characters forever? Thanks in advance!
Btw, antivirus shows the client as trojan, what's that about?

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To begin with the anti-virus threat. It is in fact not a trojan. Microsoft however is the only anti virus providers that detect it as a trojan. This link here is proof of that as gawku even ran a scan and posted the results https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZTg3YmQwMzY3OGIyODcwZGRiZjBhOTY2OGQzOGRkZDE6MTU5NDY5MzEzMQ==/detection. The windows defender usually tends to delete client.exe or stop patches. So its best to allow both those files pass your anti-virus. 

There will be no wipe. There are no plans to make one. The only way a wipe could happen is if some bug is discovered and then abused. However that would most likely cause a small rollback as devs and a lot of players will notify of this incident instantly as its found out.

A lot of old content remains and still a few more to be added and polished on. New content however is very huge and a lot of it will be added. A lot has been added so far as there is a whole new system known as TP training which can boost an individual characters stats by a certain amount and can be divided into many different stats for personal and unique builds for all classes. There is a 75 cap and new pvp arenas have been added, such as the cell ring and baba's palace arena. There has been new ranked arenas added. There is also another new system called transmogrification which is still being worked on but will be released in the near future and lots more to come. New transformations and hairstyles for each race is in the making. There have already been new hairstyles, eyes and skins added to namekians. Changes to classes skills making all classes very viable in PVE so no-one really gets left behind once they have the right gear for end game. There's still more features but I don't want to make this longer then it already is. Hope this helped

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That sounds awesome, thank you for a detailed answer. One last question, how big is the server population right now, is it active?

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We have two channels, and they're usually pretty active.

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