launcher problems

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  • Issue: Game doesn't launch, there is no screen coming up.
  • When: Clicking on launch in the launcher after filling in my account information and when the patching has been done.
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This is because your client.exe file has been removed by your antivirus. During the most recent patch some files were added and windows defender detects them as trojans even though they are completely harmless to your PC. Gawku has done a virus scan on them which I will link for you to make your own judgement.

If you would like to reinstall the client.exe without having to reinstall the entire game I have uploaded the file so it could be easy access. You will need to place it into your game folder inside the DBOUR folder


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well, I've reinstalled the game and now it keeps on saying patching failed. Tried a few times, added all of the items to exception list, tried later on running it on the prefered game engine according to the locked thread from dumke and it keeps on being the same outcome.



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