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  1. /!\ Prerequisites /!\ Windows Service pack 1 or higher (Update your computer with Windows Update) Microsoft Visual 2005, 2010, 2015 (Download the archive from ths website and then click on "install_all.bat") Direct X 11 at least Alright guys, first things first go to the forum link Or Simply download from this link: (Download from this FIRST) Once downloaded, launch the file and wait for that to install. While you’re waiting you can also register an account on: Another thing you can also get downloading is the patch from this link: (PATCH ONLY)!GWgDwY4I!Q8IzJcn5vM58xGZ68OM-OX4EpWp8rk-Mv9S2aE65WmU OR Once that is all done and the launcher is now appearing on your desktop, right click it and open file location. Unzip the file from mega and copy the ‘Client’ folder into this, accept replacing files. Next find the ‘Version.txt’ (May just show as 'Version') open it and change the version to 0.70.2 After that is done, all you should need to do is double click the launcher and hey presto, your game should appear like so: Enjoy and Welcome to DBOUR!! (With help from PurpleHeart for the guide, thank you!)