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The Dragon Ball Online: Universe Revelations staff is looking for texture artists to join our team! Help a growing community of dedicated fans update and improve DBO with new content and improvements to old content!


Texture Artists will work closely with the team's 3D artists, Graphics Designers and Core Team to create textures for new objects, items, characters and locations within DBOUR. The requirements include:


  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a knowledge of Photoshop and the installation of plugins (For DDS image format), GIMP, or another Advanced Image Editor that can handle DDS textures. 
  • Have experience creating textures for 3D objects. 
  • The ability to work well within an existing team and workflow. 
  • Being available to communicate and cooperate on Discord. 
  • Keen sense of humor!


When applying, please include the following information for consideration by the staff:


  • About You! (Name, Age, Occupation, hobby?)
  • What's your typical availablity? (Weekends, weekdays after 5PM, etc.)
  • Your geographic location
  • A link to some examples of your work (Portfolio link, etc)


We greatly appreciate taking the time to apply, and your willingness to volunteer your time to help DBOUR grow and expand! Your application, once submitted, will be studied by the staff and, if you're selected, you will be contacted by an Administrator! 


- The DBOUR Team

Application Restrictions

  • Content count No restriction
  • Reputation points/likes No restriction
  • Number of days as member No restriction
  • Minimum age No restriction
  • User groups All Groups

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