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  1. Sure it wasn't rampant then in retail, but it was still happening even though TW/HK didn't support it, and you can't effectively stop it either, i.e sandboxie, shade sandbox etc, the only real stop would be limit IP, but then, that'd be intrusive, and actually effect regular players. I personally ran up-to three accounts (buffer, main, db slave), because it was the most effective way to play the game, so the point being, two step process Change the reasons why you'd want to multi-client just disable the ability to launch multiple instances in the client anything more will just impact players who just want to play the game with friends, or family.
  2. Just appending to these questions, 3. DBOG has had roughly I believe at-least 6-7"run-ins" with Bandai Namco DE and JP (.com, .global domains, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, plus two DCMA requests) , but that's more the fact he has monetised his server, which if he didn't, he wouldn't have had these issues. 8. as of current, scouter chips would appear first, if they were to incrementally upgrade the game to latest 12. DBOG's new client, is suppose to allow them to use the same Tools as DBONU as they aren't exclusive to DBONU, they were included in the source uploaded to ragezone, but yes, they have adressed this in their Discord server, that they plan to add as much as the old content as possible aswell as add new stuff such as the teased Frieza Clan. also sidenote; welcome big guy, nice to see you around here, haven't seen you since DBOCOM
  3. KR started development in 2005, so effectively yes that is a big change, but realistically the first big change was 2008 with the announcement of the game, and 2009 with it's closed beta. Now if we're talking content changes, we have; Flying Update UI overhaul Mushroom Rocks South Porunga Rocks South Papaya Island Scouter Update KR Scouter Update v2 Pet Update Pet Update v2 Pet Update v3 Capsule Corp. Battle Dungeon, Floors 1-71, 72-120, then 121-150. KR/TW at latest patch both have these, except Pet Update V3 and Scouter Update V2 as of roughly February 26th 2013 i.e, KR being the Home server, always had more content than TW. But the difference between 2009 KR and TW 2013? well TW didn't even have it's beta until May 12th 2011, and opening to the public on June 15th, 2011, so trying to compare content between latest TW and oldest KR, is honestly, silly. But TW 2011 vs 2009 KR? that's different ball game.
  4. That would imply you would be able to capably fill all five servers, if you are going to host it, 5 different locations, but not having in different locations and just having the channels be different time zones could work, but then again, that just raises more issues, as it adds more effective Budokai's a week, and most people in the higher levels of play like the exclusivity of the titles/auras, not to say that everyone shouldn't get a go, just adding more per day because of timezone is a 50/50 solution The Token idea is fine, but as it's a reigning title type deal, the person who got first last Budokai, will want to try for first again, and if it's on multiple times a week, I'd think it's fairly rude to lock them out of that side competition, as Budokai is no doubt the highlight of the end game.
  5. the resource tool was made back when dbo file knowledge was low, so a new one could be made more effectively, without adding extra padding to the files
  6. Korean was more community focused, can see how you can be a "big kr fan" Events should be always on, personally, ideally having events going on while others are on "cooldown" much like how dragon scramble used to be straight after dojo battle obviously budokai and dojo will have to be excluded as they are title that are held, and should be exempt from the all day events, it would be possible to have the kids budokai several times, with adult being the prestiged version, being twice a week minimum, could easily split the party and solo up aswell, have those at different times to spread out the content. BOSS should hugely more frequent than it was, and have more than just the two BOSS type. DBO's critical issue was there was nothing to do at max level, sure you could do TMQ, BiD, or CCBD but those are serious time investments more so the CCBD than the other two, and are pretty limited in interest being PVE. example taken from GW2's event "Train", modified to suit DBO
  7. Oh that much is a given, You'd be stupid to have a seasonal event not even cover the entire holiday.
  8. Holiday events permanent? I think the dragonball hunt, should be 12 hours a day, minimum.
  9. Off-topic, but do you really have to post those gif's every time you make a new thread? It's really annoying even more annoying than your lack of paragraph spacing. now On-topic, if you're going to plan to use a specific timezone, you should at-least poll, and try to get a significant number of votes, roughly at-least half your expected player base, but for sizeable number preferably 1k+, with trying to have at-least three-four different timezone, i.e Vancouver, London, New York and somewhere in South East Asia, then from the data, you can choose an intersect, and based on the highest density, you favour the intersect of that country. example included, the south-east Asia, location in the example is in the Philippines.
  10. provided they don't remove the hook, it'll work just fine.