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  1. Unlimited

    1. Still being looked into. 2. Can you give more insight to this? 3. This hasn't been looked into yet.
  2. Unlimited

    Thank you for reporting.
  3. Unlimited

    Lol this patch basically shitted on every other dbo server out there not gonna lie.
  4. Unlimited

    In the cash shop, you'll have to gamble for them in the Dogi capsules. They have a 5% chance to drop.
  5. Unlimited

    This patch is amazing, better than that Z neato false "I supposebly have all the files so i'm better" trash ass server.
  6. Unlimited

    Possibly in the future there will be a cash shop item that resets image points.
  7. Unlimited

    Move this to bug report?
  8. Unlimited

    Even the small things count amright?
  9. Unlimited

    Thank you for caring about your community and presenting a quick solution to many problems. Excellent core team!
  10. Unlimited

  11. Unlimited

  12. Unlimited

    Have patience it's 144 hair style animations they have to add for that, you have no idea the amount of work the core team puts into this project.
  13. Unlimited

    Fixed in 1 day what these other trash servers couldn't fix in 6 months.
  14. Unlimited

    No it did not it got buffed from 50% to 75%.
  15. Unlimited

    Better than that crisis BULLSHIT fake server