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  1. Unlimited

    It's literally in the game if you continually ask the mods about cash shop you are subjected to get banned.
  2. Unlimited

    This issue has been resolved. Lock topic please.
  3. Unlimited

    Hello, There is no set time of when Open Beta will begin and there is no guarantee if players characters will be wiped. Wipes as of right now will only happen IF it is necessary for a patch OR a game breaking bug messed the server up forcing a wipe. Hopefully this answers your question, cheers!
  4. Unlimited

    Hey as of right now DBOUR is in alpha stage meaning Cash shop isn't open. Please wait until Beta or when cash shop has been announced by the core team. Also please refrain from asking GMs in game about cash shop it can lead to a kick or perma ban thank you.
  5. Unlimited

    Very consistent.
  6. Unlimited

    Dragon River teleport location doesn't show up in teleportation map. Please check if all teleport locations show up thanks. Update: seems after doing quests in this specfic area and killing mobs automatically does a system check to see if the location has been unlocked?
  7. Unlimited

    Shout out to the ones that actually are active on the forums.