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  1. SSJMichael84

    My game randomly stops working after awhile and says client has stopped working. Currently playing on Windows 7 64-bit. Also the frypan Mountain dash quest isn't working and I get stuck in a warp loop when trying to leave. Please help
  2. SSJMichael84

    Yeah once I enter the rift I explore all over, nothing happens. I forfeit and re-applied to the quest...nothing. I also get stuck in a warp loop even if I run from the rift after going back to the present but I get sucked back in.
  3. SSJMichael84

    Figured it out. Thank you.
  4. SSJMichael84

    I am still having this issue.
  5. SSJMichael84

    i erased the 4 stars before typing it in prior...always do. I have no clue what I am doing wrong.
  6. SSJMichael84

    I tried. Says it was already in use. Made two of them just to see. Registration says its in use. Then when I attempt again to login on the launcher again with the new password it doesnt work again.
  7. SSJMichael84

    I have already created an account and changed my password to make sure everything was up to date but when I activate the launcher and input my username and password it says invalid. I have waited close to 6 or so years to play this...maybe longer. I tried playing DBO 2 months before the original servers went down. I played Global but I have been waiting to play DBOR since the project started. If I miss something in the forums I am sorry...just want to try the game after all the work has been put in by the team. Please and thank you.
  8. SSJMichael84

    Sorry about putting it in the wrong section. Thank you for the reply. Hope everything is okay.
  9. SSJMichael84

    When I am trying to login to do patching it tells me to contact DBOUR. Help please