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    Character Name(s): Godun (Fighter) and Karmesia (Karma) both max level. Proof of Ownership: The only thing I have is a dm with sorot of me buying 30$ worth of CPhttps://imgur.com/a/tUm3M95 What I woud like to recover: Most of my gear hopefully hears a list of some of the things I can remember: I had a +15 32% p crit level 70 stick I had a Rare Craft top with 21% LP% at +11 and rare craft boots with 28 dex at +10 I had kraken earrings one with 32 dex and one with 30 My gloves were + 12 physical attack regular level 70 gloves with 33 p crit% These are most of the things I remember that were less gear related; I had a few brown boxes (don't know the exact amount), the green hawaiin dogi, the white animated tiny wings, a gold halo, both a red and orange goku dogi, token shop sunglasses, goku black zamasu dogi, and a vegito dogi. On my Karma I know I had a 25% speed mask at +8 and 26% speed e-attack glove at +11 and the Android 18 dogi
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    Got the same thing