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    Hi. Character Name: Sarkanyvadasz lv 75 fighter 12 millio zeni -Neeklace had 100 or 120 resistance from inventory package. -20% bleeding reduce 60% resistance rate Earring. Other earring (brown box) with 17 dex. -17 dex 30 hit rate prop ring. Other ring had 64 resistance from Shenron wish. -My shirt, pant, shoes have 27 dex, 10dex+450hp, 25 dex about. +12, +10, +9 upgrade about. -My glowe was lvl70 +12 upgrade about base 250 phisical attack with 12 crit rate. -My sub weapon was lv 65 +14 Stick total about 850 phisical attack with 12 crit rate I sent my all Training points to Dex. I was 412 dex. i was also 367 passive dodge rate frome passive skill + 180 hite rate from lvl 1 passive hite rate skill. Finnaly i have 2428 Dodge and 3566 Resistance/Tolerance Rate. 8955 hp, 3260 ep, 1316 base phis att, 811 en base att. 971 hite rate, 3828 armor, 1991 en armor, 85 crit rate, 15 en crit rate. I have gohan kid dogi with 7% movement speed and 5 resistance. also kame glass i remember with 5 cd reduction and back bag with 10% crit damage. 3 broly dogi from event: goku, vegeta and broly. super saiyan skill. online picture:
  2. Hi. Teen Gohan Dogi, Gohan Blue Dogi and Base of Tenkaichi Dogie can be obtained\available in the game?